FO - Experimental Kiri Shawl

I haven’t been around much lately, but i’m back!
My latest big creation - the Kiri Shawl. It’s my first really big lace project, hence experimental:

I’m smiling there, so don’t mind the way my face turned out:teehee: Im not that hideous :rofl:.

[B]Pattern[/B]: Kiri Shawl, you can find info here
and the pattern is here. I knitted the suggested 12 repeats of the 2nd/main chart. The pattern is not difficult and really easy to memorize and i :heart: it!

[B]Yarn[/B]: My grandmother gave me a few balls of cobweb yarn (it’s honestly almost like sewing thread) and she insists it’s wool. I decided to experiment with it. So i took 2 balls of orange and one ball of slightly thicker forest green and knitted from the 3 of them, which was a major PITA and also caused my shawl to be not as “sharp” as i thought it should be. After finishing the shawl i still have half of each ball left and i still have about 3-6 in each color in my stash :hair: What do i do with it?

[B]Needles[/B]: I used the suggested 4.5 mm, so it’s very airy and open.

The picture of the spread shawl is on our bed, so you can see how big it turned out :teehee:. I didn’t do my best blocking job, it was a first time blocking such a big lace project. I used hubby’s spare wires for the top and regular sewing pins for the edging. Because of the yarn i rather foolishly used, the shawl kept jumping off the pins, which added to the blocking stress. I decided against spraying and soaked it in warm water with Unicorn Fibre Wash and then rinsed with their Fibre Rinse. It actually was pretty dirty after almost 3 months OTN!
And i still don’t know if i’m going to keep it or not, my mom wanted to see it, so we’ll see who gets it first! It will probably stay with me, because no one will want that weird color combo :rofl:. I personally thought of naming it Hyena Shawl :rofl: This picture represents the texture very well:

To sum it all, someone on the Mystery Shawl 4 group on Ravelry said that lace looks like cat puke until blocked and now i totally understand that, because it did look like a cat puke! I hope now it’s better :teehee:

:passedout: That is stunning! The color looks just fine from what I can tell!

Oh wow! That is soooo pretty!

BTW, this has been in my queue for a LONG time, but it is much closer to the top now. :smiley:

This is GORGEOUS!!! I just love the color and you’ve really done a great job on it! The blocking looks fantastic! :yay: :yay: :yay:

I like the color & you did a great job with the shawl!

It’s absolutely beautiful! Lovely, lovely work.

Very Nice!!:yay:

WOW! That is so pretty it makes me want to try to do one. It is just beautiful!:heart:

WOW!!! pretty much says it all. Stunning shawl :slight_smile:

Ooh! Very pretty!!!

Thank you everyone for the warm feedback :hug:
For everyone who wants to try the shawl - it’s really not complicated and the instructions come both in charts and written.

You did a marvelous job! Love the colour as well!

:inlove: stunning!!

It’s gorgeous, great job!!

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR="#300090"]Very nice shawl.

It is just stunning!! I love the color!!

WOW! Awesome job!

I think it looks great! It looks like you did a great job with blocking and the colors look nice too from what I can tell :cheering:

Oh wow, it’s beautiful! :heart: