FO Ewok scoodie

Inspired by Yub Nub Scoodie. This my knitted version. I did crochet the ears.

WoolEase Quick and Thick Spice on size 15 needles. Ears from scrap yarn. No pattern. Thanks for looking.

I put this project on Ravelry, my first time to do so. I don’t know if anybody can see it or what I would need to do so people can view it. If you check the link and it doesn’t show up for you please let me know. TIA

Cute, I love that it covers the ears to keep them warm.

Really nice! It looks like it will keep someone nice an’ toasty!

So cute! I’d never heard of a scoodie!

Scoodie was new to me too.

I’ve been thinking of making a scarf/cowl. I’ll call it a scowl. :eyes:

Lol :yay:

Wonderful! You’re granddaughter looks fabulous in the scoodie and would undoubtedly make a scowl look delightful, too. So clever to make this up as you went along. Well done.

Thank you, but it wasn’t hard. What’s a hood? A rectangle that’s folded and seamed at the top. When I knew my gauge with the yarn and needles it was a simple arithmetic problem that even I can do to figure out the cast on which would form the top edge which was to be seamed after the piece was folded. A few increases in the middle to give it just a little shape and the rest was mindless rows of stockinette with garter stitch borders. When I had the hood part just about long enough (I tried it on) I switched to all knits, all the time for a garter border across the bottom so the thing didn’t roll up on her. I bound off the center stitches, attached a new ball of yarn on one side and knit, knit, knit, knit until the first ball of yarn ran out.

I did use part of a 2nd ball but by making the scarf part shorter and I could just about squeeze one out a ball. I think it would be more of a neck warmer hoodie, what would we call that? A newdie?

i’m sorry to report, you’ve been beaten to the punch…

:woohoo: Someone else is as twisted as I am!