FO - Everlasting Bagstopper

So I started this quite a while ago (when I first learned to knit) and I didn’t realize that I was making twisted stitches. I got bored with it and put it aside and recently decided to finish it. I chose to leave the twisted stitches as a funny little tribute to my initial knitting efforts…so here it is:

What a great name! :yay: Nice work!

Oh wow…it’s lovely! :inlove:

Oh I love twisted stitches…and especially since you carried them throughout the knitting…it now called a DESIGN ELEMENT! Great work! And good for you…sticking to it and getting the job done! It is the hardest thing in the world…to finish our WIP’s!!


Nice bag! What are the measurements of the body of the bag, side to side and top to bottom?

It came out 14 inches tall by 17 inches wide (without the added stretch of putting things in it which lengthens it a lot) - here’s the pattern link:

Thanks! Your measurements are very helpful.:thumbsup:

I like it. It looks great!!

looks pretty good finished, LOL too funny about the twisted stitches. I am glad you got it figured out,

Looks very nice! Thanks for the pattern link.

:yay: Great work

:thumbsup: Great job!

Did you do something different for the handles other than ribbon? It looks like you did in the pictures but I wasnt sure.


I did the handles using the cotton yarn in a linen stitch - it’s supposed to be a pretty sturdy stitch. You could also do them with i-cord too.