FO: even more fingerless gloves/wristwarmers

after seeing the fingerless gloves i made for my grandma i got 3 more requests!
1 from my aunt and 2 from some little monsters i know :teehee:

i didn’t snap a photo of my aunts but they were unlabled acrylics i had in aqua and navy blue. these ones are also from a stash of acrylic. they picked thier own color combos and lengths.
all knit on size 5 US straights in k2, p2 ribbing.

thanks for looking!

Great color combos and what a great gift idea!!

They look great, nice and warm!

thanks! they are warm and surprisingly soft for being 100% acrylic…

it’s just too bad for them that it’s summer because they don’t want to take them off… i keep hearing about sweaty little hands… poor things!