FO: Enlarged Swallowtail Shawl

Yes!!!:roflhard: Unbeknowst to me, once she gave her two weeks notice, a decision was made by the CFO: I have become “active Director of Finance” until a someone applies and is hired. :zombie:

This is simply a work of art beyond belief! Wonderful work!
You selected such a classy colorway, too! Kudos to you!

That is gorgeous! I wish I had the stick-to-it-ivness for lace.

For me, lace is very easy. I absolutely love what the “magic” of blocking will do for it. I was doing that before tackling socks. Now if I can only complete a sweater.

That’s gorgeous! I love that!

That is so lovely. You should be very proud.

Wow … Simply gorgeous!!!

[B][U]The nupps kicked my behind; finally did a slip 2, purl 3, passover the slipped 2 on the wrong side rows.[/U][/B]

Phaedra, were the slips and the purls all done on the back, or was part of it done on the front?

I am making a larger version of this shawl too and am looking for a substitute for the nupps.


Very pretty. I love the colors. I so need to put this on my list. Maybe after I finish Ene…