FO: Enlarged Swallowtail Shawl

Finished & blocked this yesterday morning and gifted to my supervisor for her last day.
I followed the advice on Ravelry on how to make it bigger: knit budding lace chart II [B]19[/B] times; LVB CH 1, then LVB CH 2, [U]then[/U] LVB CH 1 again (only rows 3 thru 12). Then on to the edging and bind-off.
The nupps kicked my behind; finally did a slip 2, purl 3, passover the slipped 2 on the wrong side rows. It was taking me so long to do the nupps, I decided to use clear beads during that second repeat of LVB CH 1 (I did the first nupp, followed by the 3 beads and then the last nupp; thought it would look like I “planned” it, instead of as a shortcut)
My Sup really liked it.
Yarn: Knitpicks Shadow (Spring Green Heather) 1.25 skeins
Needle: KP Harmony US 3 24" circular (my favorite size for lace)


It’s a fine piece of art!!! :inlove:

I love that you made it bigger!! Woo Hoo! And way to find an alternative method for doing those nupps. They kicked my behind when I made this shawl, so I applaud you!

wowwwwwwwww’s thats gr8 n beautiful …its weldone n nice color

It’s a lovely shawl, and a wonderful gift. Beautiful color. I really want to make this shawl but have been intimidated by those nupps. I’ll be sure to try your alternate method. Thanks for posting.


I am so envious of those who can do lace!! I just haven’t the patience.

Gorgeous!!! I love the gold/green color. Is that just my computer or is that the color it really is? I would not have thought to make it bigger, but need to keep that tip in mind!

Great job!

:inlove: Very pretty and I love the color!

That is gorgeous!!! Well done :yay: :yay: :yay:

What a beautiful parting gift for your supervisor! I am sure she will treasure it always. Such detail and fine workmanship. Keep up the good work!

Absolutely stunning :heart:

Just gorgeous! You must love your supervisor lots. :muah:


As one who just made this shawl (and wasn’t bright enough to look for another way to make the nupps), let me assure you that they aren’t so bad. The key is not giving the yarn ANY tension whatsoever when doing the k1, yo, k1, yo, k1. Just wrap the yarn around very, very loosely with NO tension. It looks very strange on that side and goes contrary to everything we do as knitters, but it’s the only way to make the nupps properly. When you go back and p5tog, it all works out because the stitches are loose enough to get the needle through.

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Gorgeous! Can I be your supervisor? :slight_smile:

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My thoughts exactly!

It is just stunning!

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uh, just what IS a ‘nupp’. been knitting for years and never heard this word.linknit41


The second picture is more accurate in color. A yellowy-green.

I’m really going to miss her; she was tough, very computer oriented and did a lot to improve work procedures. Even if we fought her most of the way.

what a beautiful gift - well done

I could’nt get my nupp tension right or at least consistant; so I did what worked for me. I still want to do another, so I’ll get another chance for more "practice."
I’m thinking sport-weight yarn this time: I still have 1 skein of Blue Moon Woobu in Raven “Corbie”. :slight_smile: