FO: Ene's Scarf

It’s a wrap! or shall I say scarf/shawl. Ene is done. I love her.
FO: Ene Scarf by Nancy Bush
Needles: Addis Turbo US 4
Yarn: Blackbery Ridge Mills Lace Yarn
Ene was a lesson in perseverance. This was the third time I started this scarf and COMPLETED it. The first time, I used Knitpick Gloss and it didn’t work it was too thin, like dental floss. Not the yarn or pattern fault. I was new to knitting. Then I tried it again. Nope, I was watching t.v. and made a mistake and had to do it over AGAIN. This time I realized that the pattern was the ruler of me, and I had to pay attention and do as I was told and voila a complete ENE SCARF.


GORGEOUS!! Great job, and good for you for sticking with it!

Wow, so pretty!!! I’ve also been realizing there are some patterns you can watch tv while doing and others that aren’t so forgiving ;o)

Very pretty wrap. Nice knitting too!!

Beautiful!! Glad you perservered - I probably would have given up!

It’s lovely. Very nice work.

Beautiful! And congrats to you for perseverance!

[I][COLOR=Red][B]It is simply divine![/B][/COLOR][/I] Love the pattern design, love the yarn, love the color, love you! Great knitting! Love your blog!
Such wonderful video clips!

Congrats!!! It turned out awesome! :slight_smile:

Some times dogged perseverance is the only way. Turned out absolutely beautiful!:woohoo:

WOW, amazing job!


Third times the charm, right?