FO: Emerald's Blanket

Finally off the needles and ready to welcome our little grandaughter!

Emerald is scheduled to make her San Diego debut by Sept 16.

I’m pretty pleased with the way the blanket turned out. :knitting:

This was knit on US#8 with “I Love This Yarn” Iced Sugar #580

The pattern is the Garter Rib Baby Blanket (free on Ravelry)

That’s so pretty!

Very pretty! :yay:

Oh, how lovely. Perfect for San Diego, too. Emerald will look beautiful in her welcome home blanket, I’m sure

:heart: this beautiful baby blanket!

It is really cute and lovely colors. Mom and baby are going to love it and congrats on a new grandbaby.:inlove:

What a darling little blanket–and just in the nick of time, too!

So are you close enough to enjoy the baby? Hope so! Have fun!

It’s beautiful! The colors are so lovely.
It will be cherished forever.

Hi Antares,

Thanks! I was pushing a bit this last week to try to get it finished and was pretty relieved when I reached the cast-off row :woot: Doing the finishing had to wait a day since there’s this complication in my life called ‘making a living’.

We are long-distance grandparents. We have 3 year old boy-girl grandtwins in Dallas and our newest grandaughter will be in San Diego. We’re down near Houston so it’s a 5 hour trip by car or by plane to get our hands on the little darlins’. Probably a good thing for all of us or they’d all be hopelessly spoiled :teehee:

Is Emerald (like the name, green is my favorite color) here yet? Your blanket is lovely. The texture makes it look nice and thick.


She arrived on Sunday Sept 16. 6 lbs 12 oz of cute and adorable :heart: She has a head full of wavy hair and a sweet little dimple on one cheek.

And thanks so much for your compliment! I like the way the blanket pattern looks thick. It’s actually a fairly light weight item, which is what I wanted since San Diego is pretty temperate most of the time. I’m hoping her mom will think to snap a few pictures of her wrapped in the blanket. They’ve only been home from the hospital 1 day so I’m sure that’s WAY down the list<G>.

Thanks for the response to my question. Emerald sounds great!! It can be cool in SD especially if they go to the beach. :slight_smile:

Divine work! I adore the pattern AND the variegated yarn! And ohhhhh my how I love her name! “Emerald”! She’ll love her own name forever!

I’ve always loved girl names like Diamond, Ruby, Pearl, Sapphire, Opal…and now Emerald!