FO: Embroidered longies

I made these for a friend using Little Turtle Knits “Picky Pants” pattern. The waist is a 2x2 rib and I added a ruffle as the leg cuffs. I made these for a friend who is due with her first girl in August. I embroidered the baby’s name “Emma” on the bum of these pants and then added some daisies on the front to make it extra girly. I’m pretty pleased considering this was my first try at duplicate stitch :thumbsup: .

They are wonderful! I love the flower embrodiery!

Awwhhh, cute! :inlove:

How pretty! Love the embroidery!

Adorable, great job!

:smiley: They are darling! Love the embroidery, too :smiley:

Adorable! :heart:

I love them! Sooo cute!!!

Super cute! Great job :slight_smile:

Those are great! I might have to try that pattern next time. Were they easy?

Nice gift!! Those look wonderful! Name on the bum is very chic too :wink:

Those are so cute! The name was a great touch! :thumbsup:

very cute! i [color=red]LOVE [/color]the ruffles at the bottom of the legs!

Thanks everyone, I hope she likes them!

They, IMO, are very easy to do. I’ve made several pairs from this pattern, including a few pairs of shorts and capris for my own daughter. The pattern is easy to follow and they fit so nicely.

Too, too cute!! Love the ruffled bottoms of the pant legs!!

They are just soo cute!

Aw, how adorable! :inlove: Nice work!

Aw, how cute! :inlove: :inlove:

very cute! :slight_smile: Good work!