FO-Elongated Stitch Scarf

Houray - I have another finished object. I really enjoyed this stitch (after I got past the initial shock of all that yarn dropping off my needle). After a few false starts and moving to bamboo needles so it wouldn’t be so slippery, I got the rhythm.

I found a spot where I’m going to have to darn in an accidental yarn-over - but if I wait until I have a perfect project, I’ll never get anything finished!!

Yarn - Koenig Farm Mohair, lace wt.; color-Autumn (supporting my Kentucky agriculture businesses :wink: )
Needles - sz 11 bamboo straights

Tips to Share - After I finished, I realized it would’ve been better if I’d used a larger needle size for the bind-off. I bound off too tightly and one end is narrower than the other. Also, this yarn looked really messy until I blocked it. It could use a little more blocking I think - this time with some weight attached to each end to stretch the stitches even more - I’ll have to think up some way to do that. Any suggestions??

Really beautiful, I love it with the lace weight yarn! :inlove:

Love the colors! :slight_smile: Great job!

:inlove: That is so beautiful!! Wonderful job!

I think this is a beautiful scarf! In my opinion, I wouldn’t do another thing to it. It is perfect the way it is now! Wear it in good cheer.

:smiley: Beautiful…love, love it :wink:
Regarding your question about blocking with some wt., u could try it on the ironing board, with one end hanging off of the flat end with clothes pins attaching something heavier. Or, I sometimes block such things by running dental floss thru the sides & anchoring it to the bed…this keeps the sides straight better than blocking pins…actually, blocking wires are what is needed, but I don’t have any, so I use the dental floss :wink:

I blocked a similar scarf using some coat hangers as weights, the yarn was a little heavier though so don’t know if that sounds suitable.

Wow, that’s so pretty! I love the combination of the very thin yarn and large needles.

I love it! It looks great!

Yah, I love this scarf & I LOVE the drop stitch…your right, feels kind of weird when you get started, but it knits up quick.

Good Job!
Rhy :wink:


I forgot to say how much I love your scarf. Its excellent!

Thanks to all who posted such kind praise. :blush:
Also, thanks for the blocking tips, Rebecca and Mishka. I don’t have any blocking wires either - not sure I’d know what to do with them if I did since I don’t know what they look like! :slight_smile:
But, I could try the ironing board and clothespin idea. I’m not sure how to use the wire coathangers Mishka suggested so I don’t know if that would be suitable or not. Do you hang the scarf over the coathanger? Or do something else?

Sorry I hung the scarf from a hook over a coat hanger, then used spare ones, through both ends together hanging from the bottom. This gave it some weight pulling on both ends.

The ironing board should work well all the same though!

:doh: Now I get it, Thanks!! :smiley:

That yarn looks luscious!!! Was it as dreamy to knit with as it looks?

Thanks! I wish I could say that it was…but it was kind of stringy and hard for me to manage at times. :roflhard:

However, it really did take to blocking and it now has a tamer texture and the mohair now has a nice fuzzy “halo” effect. Koenig also produces a boucle mohair. I think I like that better. I bought some of it too at a local store and plan on doing something with it - I just have to figure out what! :??

Well it looks like the end result was more than worth the effort! Blocking seems to make the finer-weight yarns look so much nicer.