FO: Ella Rae Latte Cabled Scarf

I needed a cream scarf last weekend…and didn’t have a cream scarf!
Had to change my outfit at the last minute to keep my neck warm. Darn.

Anyway, this week I knit a cream scarf. This yarn jumped on me at Seattle Yarn Shop! It’s Ella Rae “Latte”. Softer than Malabrigo, and according to the LYS shopkeeper, it doesn’t pill like Malabrigo!

The pattern is in the One Skein book.
The designer is Leigh Radford. "Double Cable Scarf"
I used 3 balls of yarn to create a 3 5/8" x 65" scarf. I likes 'em long. Two balls would have been sufficient to turn out an acceptable length. Basically, I used one ball for End#1, next ball for middle ribbing, last ball for End#2.

I didn’t buy the book. I eyeballed the model scarf (knit up in Rowan LIMA) at my LYS, and the shop girl told me the design is in One Skein. I went home and wrote down the concept for the scarf. It’s a very easy design. But on the Rav pattern database, I found the pattern, and that’s how I came to be able to refer to it.

I like the ribbing for fringe, and ribbing around the neck, with double cables for the showy parts.

Ella Rae Latte, color 07-cream. Sinfully soft. I almost fainted. S-O-F-T.

So pretty! I love it and I typically am not a scarf person. Great job!

THAT is gorgeous!!! You sure do whip out the projects! I’ll have to keep my eye open for that yarn. It looks soooo soft!

Ooo, I really love that pattern! :heart:

Beautiful scarf. I wear them from late September until mid to late April, so may just need to knit one in cream.

Basically did one of Silver’s scarves like that, with a warmer center than the cable would have been, as I doubled the yarns in the center.

Super pretty, Dollyce!

I knit a Palindrome scarf, too, in red. (Silver’s pattern) I still love it!

Yours sounds divine!

Beautiful scarf! I love soft, soft yarn next to my neck – I’ll have to try the Ella Rae.

OMG, Artlady, you are amazing! I have the One Skein book checked out from the library, and seeing the way you made it up, I really want to make it. (3 skeins of Merino Style DK waiting to be made into a scarf… :happydance: ) Looove all your FOs!

PS- Also looove your yarn! Milk, alpaca, and microfiber?? Heavenly!

Softer than malabrigo [I]and[/I] it doesn’t pill [I]and [/I]you made such a gorgeous scarf out of it? I think I might be in love… :heart:

That is beautiful! Thanks for the info on the yarn - must keep an eye out for it!!

Did you knit this from one end to the other or graft it somewhere in the middle section? Also, is this a reversible pattern? I can just imagine the feel of squeezing it through my fingers. A sweater would be lovely made with continuous side by side cables like that.

You do GREAT work.

Thanks, Lighting!

I knit it from one end to the other, no grafting (ack).

It isn’t reversible. The cabled sections a RS/WS thing.
The ribbing sections are, of course, reversible.

Would this yarn be considered a #5 bulky weight?

Very Very Nice! Your cables are always so perfect!

Hmmm.:think: I dunno!

It knits at 4st=1". Or, 16st=4".

Is that #5?

It’s bulky, but not too bulky. Definitely heavier than aran.
I wouldn’t use it for a pattern that called for a stitch gauge that’s finer than 16st=4".

The size US9 needle produced a very nice stitch, however, I think I could have gone up to 10 or 10.5 and still turned out a reasonably nice fabric.

Artlady…as soon as I saw this I got online and ordered this yarn! You are right…sooooo soft and wonderful…I just started the scarf, I have a question…one the RS the pattern says to slip the first and last stitch Kwise and the WS you P, the first and last stitch. When you slip the stitches, when you go to P the next row the yarn is on the wrong side, know what I mean? Do you just P anyway? Does my question make sense?

Hi Ginny! :waving: I looked at the pattern again. When you “slip 1” at the beginning of the row…your next stitches will be “in pattern”. But the “slip 1” is always just that, a slip 1.

When I ‘slip 1’ at the beginning of the row for scarves, I always slip 1 purlwise. Before slipping her, I make sure that my working yarn is in position to knit or purl what comes next on the needle without messing up the slip 1.

It’s confusing at first. But just watch the way the slipped stitch looks from the side.
Make sure she isnt’ turned around or twisted at her waist.

Now when I get to the end of said row, the last stitch is the slipped stitch from the beginning of the previous row. :eyes: Anyhoo, I always just “knit it”. The turn the work and slip the 1st stitch purlwise, and continue down the road!

So to clarify: here’s how the row goes: [FONT=Arial][SIZE=3][COLOR=Blue]Slip 1 purlwise…K2P2 across…ending with K3. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

Gorgeous color and beautiful work. Not too certain on how to use the ravelry site yet what is…[I][B]But on the Rav pattern database…[/B]I looked [/I]for database but didn’t see it…back to view site,

That simply means that the pattern is in the Ravelry pattern section! Hereit is!

And, here is my scarf!