FO: Easy & Quick bracelet

I whipped this up very quickly after seeing a picture on a blog. You can get the details of it on Ravelry for the blog.

I think it’s cute, and mine is just simple sc chains.

Oh, very nice!

Don’t you really really miss all the needles and/or gymnastics you have to use/do to knit in the round? No? You mean you don’t?

Crocheting in the round definitely has a huge advantage over knitting in the round. It’s so so SO much easier and less complicated!

Great job on this little bracelet. What’s it made out of? Is it yarn or some other kind of material?

Crochet in the round is much easier. :slight_smile:

It’s made out of scrap yarn - I think this was Lion Brand Wool Ease in Charcoal.

oh I love it sooo much thank you:inlove:

It’s so nice!!! I love it!