FO Easy dressed up wine

Someone posted this last year, sorry I don’t remember who. Such a quick fun knit.

Let the parties begin. Cute job.

Very cute! You beat me to posting! :wink: I just completed a set this weekend but haven’t taken the picture yet - I had fun making mine (included mittens too!)

This is so cute! Does anyone have the link to the pattern? margz3 - please post your picture. I want to see the mittens!

I hope to post mine tomorrow :slight_smile:

:yay: These are too cute, great job!

Adorable! :slight_smile:

I love them :slight_smile: Great job . Way to cute !

How cute are those!! What a great way to dress up wine easily!

Yes, those are adorable! Please post a link to the directions. Thanks!


Ravelry to the rescue. Again. :teehee:

It’s amazing and funny!!!:rofl:

Sorry I don’t have a link. I didn’t use the one from Ravelry but it is similar. Someone on KH posted directions last year, maybe from a blog. There is no name on the pattern I have. Send me a pm for instructions.

Those are great! I’m going to have to try that pattern out. You did an excellent job. :thumbsup:

Awww what an adorable idea! Thanks for sharing!!!

Oh, I love those! Now there’s something else I have to get made before Christmas! Thanks for posting.

Absolutely adorable! What a quick, cute gift idea!