FO: Easy baby blanket

When I visited my not-so-local LYS (40 miles away) a couple of weeks ago I picked up “The Encore 8-Hour Blanket…Revisited” pattern book. It has 14 patterns and this is one of them. It took me more than 8 hours to complete, but still a quick project.


Sorry, no photo!

Jan: What did I do wrong?


Not sure what happened. Sent you a reply PM.

Wonderful work! And the photo is okay too!
We were having photo issues yesterday. Sheldon has fixed the issue!

:aww: Thank you!
I’m such a fan of yours and always look forward to seeing your FO’s. You are so gracious in sharing your time and knowledge.

It looks great! I like the pattern!

Its so beautiful n cool

Very nice :thumbsup: Love the “quickies”!

Nice work! The picture enlarges very well so we can get a really good look. :thumbsup:

Beautiful! And so soft and cozy looking :inlove:

Oh I love it! It’s so nice when quick and easy equals beautiful too!

I like those quick projects, too! It’s lovely!

Love it!! It always takes me a little bit longer than the time frame given :wink: I think when they say things like 8 hour blanket or knit in a day that they were written for the “wonder knitter” you know the people with the incredibley fast hands/fingers :x:. :hug: Jennie

Sooo pretty!