FO - Easter Fun Stuff

Here are some things I’ve been working on for the grandkids for their Easter baskets. Actually, the orange and white one is for my son-in-law who is an avid University of Tennessee fan. The “people” fit over a Cadbury Cream Egg. Fun to knit! :teehee:

Oh my! These are just too CUTE!!!

Those are sooooo cute!

Those are adorable…and now I REALLY want a cream egg…sigh…:aww:

So cute!!

Those are so cute and creative. I really like the chicks in the last photo.

Everything is so cute. I love the chicks in the last photo. Do they hold the eggs too? They are cuter than the ones I posted.

Those are so cute, especially the chicks!

Thanks everyone. No these chicks/ducklings don’t hold the eggs, just stuffed with polyfil. I like the ones you posted too, and think I’ll knit some of those for added variety. They are very cute.

oh so cute. Where did you get the pattern? I have been looking for something to make for easter.

Thanks for looking all. The link for the chick/duckling is The link for the eggs is


I have never seen a pattern for the little chicks…and what type of yarn is being used. This would be such fun to knit. Is there a site available for the pattern? Thank you…

Oh my… those are adorable!

:happydance: too cute!!

too cute!!! I LOVE them!

Super cute!