FO - Easter bunny

Just finished this Easter bunny for my granddaughter! It’s the Toy Bunny from Zoe Moeller’s Animal Knits for Kids…

that is so adorable- what a lovely present!! and it makes me feel like spring is around the corner. (we have fresh snow here in MD- crazy). good job!


Very Nice!

That’s adorable!

Very cute!

:cheering: :cheering:

HOW DID you make the easter eggs??? :figureditout:

2 things

  1. there is a pattern from last year for them
    Knit Egg thread

  2. I think THOSE are feet


Yep…those are her shoes!

:heart: :heart:


How incredible and when the stuffed animals go by the wayside, are given away or whatever, Mr Pink Striped bunny will remain!

Awww very cute. :heart: And just look at those duckies :heart:

So incredibly adorable!!!

Adorable!! :happydance:

:notworthy: :rofl: Very Cuuute, :heart: it.

Just an FYI…I …uh… knew that that wasn’t eggs but the bunnies feet… I was just seeing if you guys did~!


Duh~!! :wall:

:rofl: :roflhard: :rofl: