FO- Easter Bunnies!

yeah, I started them two weeks before Easter, and I finished them at 11:20 PM on the Saturday before Easter- phew! I didn’t think they would be done in time. Thank goodness they were fine in the dryer! I did that step the day before Easter, too, lol

Soooo cute!! :thumbsup:

Cuuuuuuuuuuute bunnies.Where did you get the pattern?

Cute! They’re felted?

those are so cute I can’t stand it!

yes, they are felted. I got the pattern at a lys. It was just the one pattern- not in a book or anythying. I think the pattern is still in the back of the van :oops: Still recovering from Easter weekend. I’ll check who put it out in the morning. Thanks for the feedback, I think they’re cute, too!

:inlove: I just LOVE those! Wonderful job!

Those are so sweet!! :heart:

OOH! So cute.

They are outrageously cute! I love their big rabbit feet & little pink noses!

Well done for getting them finished in time!

Those are adorable!! Love :inlove: them!!

Very sweet! Lucky kids that got them. (at least I assume…)

yes, lol- kids, though my Aunt wants one for Xmas, now :lol:

How cute! :thumbsup:

Very cute!!!

:smiley: I will just have to jump in @ say…they are too CUTE :cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

CUTE, CUTE, CUUUUUTE!!! I love them! :inlove:

When you find that pattern, please let us know how to get our little hands on it. :smiley:

Fantastic job! :thumbsup:

The pattern is from “Bear Brain Enterprises”. It’s designed by Joan C. Haigh in 1997.

Oh my gosh are those patterns cute! :inlove: Were they difficult?

No, they weren’t really difficult, as long as I could concentrate on counting… I dont’ generally count much when I knit :lol: but a lot of it was short rows. I know I started one paw three times, lol. But it was my first time doing short rows, too.