FO: Eadon finally finished

[B]Pattern: [/B] Eadon
[B]Yarn:[/B] Austermann Bambou Soft
My Ravelry project notes, almost a blog…beware! :teehee:

Finally finished! Oy vey! Seaming is very strange for the armholes and shoulders (with that saddle shoulder and right angle turns at the armhole). Ugh. That’s why I procrastinated the seaming. And it’s futzy. I’m good with the appearance overall. Had to lightly block the armhole seams to make them shape up.

I’ll definitely use this DELICIOUS cable configuration again…but I will never EVER knit this pattern again. Seaming was ridiculous, and especially aggravating to a perfectionist. Aggravating, I tell you…aggravating.

[quote=ArtLady1981;1348083][B]Pattern: [/B] Eadon
[B]Yarn:[/B] Austermann Bambou Soft
My Ravelry project notes, almost a blog…beware! :teehee:

Couldn’t resist reading your Ravelry notes! I hope your odyssey doesn’t prevent the pleasure of wearing. Beautiful sweater, beautiful color!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


Beautiful sweater in a lovely color. The cable pattern is very attractive. If you found the pattern difficult I would never try it!

Another stunner, that’s for sure! Spectacularly executed knitting and in a gorgeous color! You know what they say, though: No pain, no gain!! And yet, just creating a work of art (as you always do) even without the seaming headaches you had on this one is certainly enough “pain,” yes?

Sorry to hear it was so problematic! Now you can wear it to pieces and get your trouble’s worth out of it (or conversely, frame the gorgeous thing as a monument to your patience and perfectionism)!! Oh wait . . . I recall now that you don’t have any wall space–better just stick with wearing it! :wink:

It’s gorgeous!!! :inlove:

It is just gorgeous and I love that color. Don’t you just hate it when the pattern is gorgeous, but the instructions are nuts? That’s what that monkey hat was like. You did another beautiful job.


The armhole seams are dry today. I held my breath and tried it on…WOW, it fits perfectly, even the sleeves! They aren’t too long, too snug or baggy! All of my futzy modifications worked out! As soon as I wash my hair I’ll take some photos!

Right now I’m up to my ears in finishing a Japanese Feather Shawl…the 6th and final ball of yarn! I’m determined to finish…

Nice weather today. New haircut. Time to drag out the camera and tripod. DH doesn’t have the patience to take 25 photos in order for me to like one of them. :teehee:

So here is old Artlady, modeling her new Eadon sweater. The yarn has a bit of stretchiness to it, therefore it’s really comfie!

And yes, I’m waving at YOU. :thumbsup:

Boy, I’m feeling my age these days…looks like it too, doesn’t it? Ah well,
I’m a great-gramma. What did I expect anyway? :teehee:

That is a gorgeous creation! :muah: Tom is sitting here making comments too. He likes the cable and the whole thing. And also said it was a work of art, and keeps saying “simple elegance”. The only thing I miss is seeing what beautiful buttons you chose. :lol: Looks great on you.

Oh you look fabulous! :hug:

Hi Joodiekadoodie! I miss buttons too, but the pattern design is for an open look. I’m was.thinking about a self-yarn frog, which I’m still considering, but haven’t done. I have just enough yarn left, 35 g. Maybe later, next Fall.

A frog or clasp might pull out, stretch out, or distort the body pattern stitch which is robbing, as it holds the sweater together in the chest area. So I’m still thinkin’… :??

Lovely, you look wonderful in your new sweater. Did you say [I]great[/I] grandma? I’d never believe it except you said it!

Yes! Our oldest granddaughter is 25, and her son will be 1 year old on May 17th!

Our nine other grandchildren are all much younger, ages 13-5.

As always, a Masterpiece! Gorgeous colour on a gorgeous model. great job!!!

Absolutely gorgeous, and what a colour!!! I LOVE those cables.

Perfection as always. The color is so good on you and the cardigan is truly beautiful. You will forget the aggravations you endured after a while.

Me, too. These cables were the most fascinating cables I’ve seen in a long time. Easy, too. I thought they were so elegant looking, not old-fashioned at all, not traditional, not futzy.

Well, you may be feeling your age (can’t speak to that), but you certainly don’t look like a great grandma!! Thanks for posting the pictures of you in your new creation. It looks splendid on, and you look fresh and plucky yourself! :slight_smile:

Beautiful sweater, beautiful color!!! You look fantastic :hug:

How elegant! The saddles shoulders are perfect for carrying the cable (even if they are they are weird to seam). You look just beautiful in this color and sweater. A treat to see.