FO: E is for Elephant (my first FO)

This was the project that got me interested in knitting. I was browsing the internet for baby shower gifts and came across the Baby Knits Kit, by Sara Lucas. It includes 20 patterns, everything from clothing to toys to scrapbooks and mobiles. The kit comes with yarn for a pair of booties. So I started with those in order to learn the basics. I never finished them, but I learned to knit, purl, do several increases and decreases, as well as a couple seams. Then I started on the elephant, where I learned to knit in the round.

It uses Blossom by Reynolds.

I have a few more FOs since, and a WIP.

What a cute lil fella! You’ve done well!!!

That is simply adorable :slight_smile:

What a cute elephant!

Awww! Too cute!

Oh how cute! :heart: I’ve never knitted toys, I’m still mastering the scarves and dishcloths lol


Awwwwww…he’s so cute! :heart:

nice n lovely

Sooooo cute :slight_smile:

:inlove: too cute!! Congrats on your first FO :yay:

so cute! I’ve seen some adorable little critters posted here lately - think I’ll have to get started knitting me a little menagerie! :slight_smile:

Very cute.

Cute. :inlove:

He turned out adorable!!! Great job!

Too cute!

Just adorable! :heart: [COLOR=Red][I][B]ADORABLE[/B][/I][/COLOR] I SAY! :heart:

Just adorable! :heart: [COLOR=Red][I][B]ADORABLE![/B][/I][/COLOR] :heart:

What a cutie!!! Well done :thumbsup:

So, did you make two elephants? They are sure cute. Toys are a really good way to learn a lot of things about shaping etc.