FO: Duffers

Who can resist a 19 row felted slipper? I know I couldn’t. :mrgreen:

These are Mindie Tallack’s original 19 row Duffers. Super, super simple and an inexpensive pattern on Ravelry. Two evenings including felting. I’ve never felted anything before - I felt like a kid again with a science fair project. It doesn’t get much better than that! cloud9

Are they as comfy as they look? You did good! So, will you felt again? I’ve not tried it, maybe I should?

Wonderful to try a new technique and have it come out so well. Looks like first prize at the science fair too!

I have made several of these and each person I have made them for loves them. They are nice and warm as I have a pair myself. Nice job!

They are, GG!

I’ll absolutely be felting more of these. They’re the perfect quick knit for gifting! :happydance:

Certainly go for it!

Salmonmac and Nonny,

As you’ve done this more times than I have, you’re the experts. I’ve read about the felting process ruining washing machines. How and why would this happen so I can avoid it?

Great job on these, Charlotte!

And I hope the felting doesn’t do anything to your washing machine. If I had kept the old washer I had, I wouldn’t have to worry so much about this, but we just replaced it with the new “low water” kind. Bleh!

At any rate, this slippers are spectacular!

I really like these! They are the perfect color! Muted, and the bottoms won’t look grimy when you schlepp around in them!