FO: Drops Design with leaves in yoke

Finally finished this last night. I made quite a few changes to the pattern. Some were just construction approach, like I did picked up button bands instead of self, added a few short rows at the back neck for fit, left out some of their repeats of the eyelet rows in the yoke because I didn’t want so many holes. And…I was running out of yarn so decided I didn’t want long sleeves after all and shorted them to 3/4. More of the saga in my Ravelry notes.

Yarn is Cascade Yarns Cherub Collection DK, an acrylic/nylon blend, very soft. A favorite color of my daughter’s and she visited last weekend and got to try it on when I had part of the yoke done and she liked it, so I think it will be a hit with her.

Very well done, down to the last detail (even the edging on the buttonband). Great color and beautiful work, as usual!

Lucky lucky daughter! That is absolutely stunning. The modifications you made really add to this little cardigan. And what a lovely, cheery color–one of my favorites, too! Also, I love the leaves around the yoke (any kind of knitted leaf is immediately my friend), and the eyelets and lacy edging are fabulous.

Thanks for sharing. You don’t know how much your finished objects inspire me!!

Oh what a gorgeous sweater. I love it and it is a wonderful colors too. You did a fabulous job:muah:

Love it, Judy!! :inlove:

Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments. :hug: I just realized I had not given the number of the pattern over at Drops Design. It is #127-13 in case anyone else is interested in this free pattern.

That is just beautiful!!! Your work on it is so precise and I love the colorway :inlove: .

Awesome, love the colour!

Oh my, this is a real winner, Judy! Very nicely done!
Great modifications with which I wholeheartedly agree!