FO: Drop stitch scarf :)

Knitted this up for a friend who wanted a scarf, she’s paying me $20 for it on Monday because I also helped her in our computer class

Love the color it appears to be! Kind of an aqua green and black? Those are cool scarves!

I should at least post my WIP! Hmm… Maybe I’ll see if Icahn do it from my iPad since that’s what I’m on right now.

It’s light blue, aqua, black, then light blue again, but only just a tiny bit of light blue on both ends :slight_smile:

Lovely scarf! Those elongated stitches are lots of fun to do, too and they give an interesting pattern. You’re trying all sorts of new techniques which is a great way to learn. What next?

Very nice!

I’m not sure honestly, I want to do something simple and quick with some dk yarn but idk what to make next >.< I hate my hands being idle

Lovely scarf! It’s great that you’re getting paid, too. Can you use that for some yarn or more needles?

You might do a hat next. I understand you don’t have circular or double pointed needles yet, but there are many hat patterns that are worked flat and then seamed.

I have a circular needle but I can’t do magic loop on it cause the cord is too stiff :frowning:

Very nice scarf! :yay: You did a great job and I’m sure your friend will be very happy with it. You really inspire me to get something finished.

You’re having lots of fun. Keep it up.

Looks great!

I’ve always drooled over drop stitch scarves, but I just can’t get it right! Kicks my butt every time I try!
I’ve given up on it now! (as well as entrelac!)

Your work looks Wonderful. Congrats!