FO - Drop Stitch Scarf / Nashua Ribbon Yarn

Some of you may remember that I received this yarn from a friend.

When she bought me the yarn, she got the pattern for a Drop Stitch Scarf. The yarn store had a sample knitted up, and she loved it.

She also bought me these bamboo needles, which proved a blessing. I tried knitting this on my Options, but it was very frustrating. The yarn kept sliding off of the needles. So, I switched needles, and work progressed much faster.

Here is the finished scarf. I plan to give this to a gal in my office who, upon seeing the yarn, fell in love with it. I think the scarf will look great on her. Her skin tone is perfect for it. Plus, she has no idea that I’m going to give it to her. That’s the best part!

This is a close-up of the stitch…

Thanks for looking! :muah:

That looks really great! I love it!

Very pretty…I know she will love it - very thoughtful of you!

:inlove: beautiful!! The needles are too cute!!

It is very pretty. I know she will love it. and be so shocked that you thought of her!!

Very pretty. Love the colour.

Simply gorgeous. I :heart: that colour. Lucky friend to get such a beautiful gift!

The scarf is very nice, love the color. The needles are very cute, would be good to start a young new knitter out on.

Beautiful! I love the drop stitch - you just can’t go wrong! She’ll be ecstatic!!

Very nice!

That’s so pretty! I’ve always wondered what people make with that ribbon yarn. It always interests me and I’ve never known what to do with it- now I do!

That is simply WONDERFUL!



Did I say Wonderful? Yes, and DIVINE!

Thanks for sharing! W O W!


That’s beautiful Nathalie! I love dropped stitch patterns with ribbon yarn. What an extremely thoughtful gift!!

Cool scarf! And a great idea for that kind of yarn :cheering:

Thanks, y’all!

An update…I left the scarf in a gift bag on her chair yesterday. I got an email from her later that morning…she was so surprised! I had to go down and see her to make sure it wasn’t too long since she is a rather petite gal (but then, so am I, and I have it modeled on my jacket in the picture).

She couldn’t believe that I just gave it to her.

It really makes your day when you can make someone smile like that.


Lovely gift and a lovely friend.