FO - Drop stitch ribbon scarf (updated with pic)

Updated: I found the battery charger!! yay!!! Here is a pic of the scarf and an up close look at the drop stitch itself.

But anyway, I was rather impressed. I did a drop stitch scarf made out of one – yes ONE - 50g ball of ribbon “yarn” in brown/earth tones. I was shocked that it only took the one ball. It worked out quite well except for the first stitch on every row of drop stitches was too long ?? if that makes sense. I might go back and watch the tutorial video again. I had to weave in those extra bits. But still… I’ll be wearing it out tonight to the work funtion that me and DH are going to. :thumbsup:

*edited to add: I just went back and watched the video again and I did everything right so maybe it was just because the ribbon is slipperier (is that a word??) than normal yarn… ??? No idea… but I have 2 more balls of the stuff so I’ll just knit another one. LOL

I remember others saying that the first stitch of the drop stitch pattern doesn’t look quite the same as the others–but I’m sure no one would notice when it’s worn!


It’s gorgeous!

This has to be the only DS scarf that I like. Using that material was en excellent idea. Looks like a jewel.

Well done.

That came out really nice! :thumbsup:

Ohh that gorgeous! :inlove:

I love the colors!

:cheering: Very lovely! I have done some dropped stitch scarves with ribbon yarn and had the same first stitch thing happen. You really cannot tell when wearing. I love the color of yours!
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That is soooooo preeeeety! :thumbsup:

Looks beautiful! :inlove:

beautiful! just beautiful! :thumbsup:

Tres chic! :balloons:

:inlove: I love the color of that scarf. It’s gorgeous. Do you have a link to the pattern? :inlove:

Beautiful :thumbsup:

tiger, I didn’t use a pattern. I just made it up as I went along :oops: It’s done in straight garter stitch. Knit 4 rows, do the drop stitch row (wrap 4 times) and knit another 4 rows then bind off when you reach the end of the ball. :slight_smile:

*edited to add: I used the tutorial from the video by Amy. You can view it here.

Thanks for the info. :happydance:

Can you tell me what kind of yarn/ribbon that is?

Can you tell me what kind of yarn/ribbon that is?

Same here.


Oh my, that is so pretty! :heart: I hope you don’t mind if I borrow your idea and make one for myself.

The yarn I used is called Moda Vera and it’s made specifically for Spotlight stores here in NZ and Australia. I’m not sure if you can get the exact stuff in the states… but in case anybody is interested, the website is here

So pretty!