FO: Dress for my granddaughter

Just finished my first knit article of clothing (besides 2 hats and a headband). The pattern is on Ravelry, by Jennifer Miller for ottermoondesigns. It’s called “Frock and Bubble”! The pattern includes 3 items: dress, bloomers, and bubble romper. Yarn is Plymouth yarn Dreambaby dk20180725_221249
I learned a few things knitting this: I love how lace looks (almost as much as cables, lol), I hate doing m1s, I’m not doing anything in dk or lighter yarn ever again; except the Bubble I’m working on now :wink:

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You did a fabulous job with it, it’s gorgeous :heart_eyes:

Thank You!! Of course I can point out all the little wabi sabis in it, lol
And I still need to weave in ends & block the lace

Perfectly lovely! It’s going to look darling on your granddaughter, i’m sure.

That is so sweet!