Fo: Dress for Doll

My first attempt at crocheted clothing. My doll Nella’s first photoshoot. Turned out very nicely. Used Ruffle Edge Tunic for pattern but modified the straps and made flowers for buttons. Only took two days to make.

Now isn’t that just too cute! Both doll and dress are fabulous!

Great job on this little number! :yay:

Perfect! The doll looks very stylish and ready for a party. Great work.

Great job! Very cute!

Very nice!!

Ahhh, she’s so cute! Nice dress!


Well done! and just in time for spring!

this is very cute and you did a great job!

VERY nice! Beautiful dress and doll! I thought I was the only one here doing doll clothes! Dressing my old dolls is why I enjoy knitting.

Did you have a pattern that would fit her, or did you have to make it up? I know nothing about modern dolls - what kind is Nella? I know of American Girl - and Nell does look about that height in your photo. But I noticed you’re Canadian too, so maybe not…but there’s the Cdn equivalent, right? Maple-something?

Anyway she’s lovely, and your dress is gorgeous - only a few days you said - wow, maybe I should reconsider - follow your lead and take up crochet!

Lovely dress.

Hello fellow doll clothes maker :slight_smile: . Nella is a doll from Germany, made by Annette Himstedt. Unfortunately they stopped being produced in 2008. She is 35 1/2 inches tall. Nella is a realistic looking doll and makes a fabulous model.
The pattern I used is from Bernat called Ruffle Edge Tunic. I did modify the straps. I usually use baby pattens but they do need to be altered because of the limitation of the arm movement.
I have been knitting for a few years now but recently started to crochet as well. I was pleasantly surprised by how much faster it is than knitting. A definite benefit!

Yes, crochet works up quickly if you aren’t dexterity-challenged, which I apparently am. I’m struggling just to put a decent edging on my doll sweater. If I had a 3rd hand …

Ooh, Nella is a big doll - how lovely! And especially nice to have when they’re not being produced any longer. :wink:

Mine is an 18", I think I got her when I was about 10. My mom kept her, and my teddy bear, in a box for years when I’d forgotten they even existed. So, I’m really lucky to have them. I can get ideas about how to shape things from patterns for 18" dolls, then I just work from there. Like yours, mine always need to be changed - the doll is “composition” body, and the bear’s arms are rigid and its remaining fur is fragile, so there are definite restrictions on the clothing.

I hope I’ll see more of your work!

IslandTime I remember seeing your thread on your bears dresses. They are very cute. I am looking forward to seeing your doll and her outfits.

By the way, i like your avatar, it reminds me of something… oh my own? :wink:

:rofl: I love it - we’ve got 2 cats talking about dolls and bears. :stuck_out_tongue: