FO: Dragon Scarf (my first "design")

Hi folks-

A couple of weeks ago my son asked to wear one of my scarfs to preschool. I asked him if he would like me to make one for him…and of course he said yes. I had been looking around for a fun preschool-age scarf pattern but could not find one. After cruising around the internet, and using one of his toys for inspiration, I decided just to make my own pattern.

I used some knitting graph paper and drew out the design for the head. Then I went to my stitch pattern books to find something that looked dragon-like. I decided to make a short scarf that would just go around the neck once. And since we live in Minnesota I wanted it to be warm. The top and bottom were knitted seperately and seamed together. The eyes and head have a bit of polyfil in them to add dimension.

My son loves it… and I’m pretty happy with it too. :smiley: I have written the pattern out. I’d like to design a few more animals in both preschool and little kid size.

That is soooooo cute. I :heart: it :cheering:

That is just adorable and the dragon slayer seems to like it too!

That is fabulous!!

That’s adorable! :notworthy:

Wow that’s absolutely gorgeous…!

Awesome! That green is perfect too! Love the fun fur flames! LOL

I love it! I would even wear one! :cheering:

Neat idea!

That’s terrific!

And designing it yourself! :passedout:

It’s lovely.

I’d love to buy a pattern for a lion scarf if you design one. Just PM me.

The dragon is adorable, and so is your son.

if you have paypal set up ill buy the pattern! my son saw it and fell in love. :heart:

its lovely

And my daughter would just go ape over it!! :hug:

Thanks so much ladies. It was fun and pretty quick to make given the small size. Adding the details and seaming took the most time. This particular pattern would also make a great snake too…without the ears of course. I will get the pattern and better pics put together on a pdf file this week and have our local teacher/designer proof the pattern for me next week. Glad you like it. I’ll see what I can come up with for a lion! That would be so cute!

:cheering: That is soooooooooooo cute!!! I’d like the pattern too . You did a great job coming up with the pattern yourself :notworthy:

I love how you put flames coming out of its mouth! I bet he loves it.

hee hee…that is too cute! Great job!

I love it! Have you seen the Norberta stuffed dragon pattern on I don’t have access to send you the link right now- but it would go well! What yarn did you use? It looks great!


Wow, that’s amazing! I love it! :heart: