FO: Dr Who Scarf (posted finished pics Post 15)

Well I guess first of all I should tell you, this will be my BIGGEST project to date. Totally about 1045 rows long. I am doing a replica of the Season 12 Dr Who Scarf. AND before anyone asks, I WILL be wearing it :heart:

Here’s a photo of the scarf I’m going to be attempting

And these are the colors of yarn I have bought. Some of my colors are a bit off from the ones in the original scarf but I think it will still look VERY VERY similar

The final scarf will be about 15-16 ft long. The original was long enough to have the loop reach his knees and then the sides still touch the ground

Great colors! Have fun with it and be sure to keep us posted on your progress!

Thanks! I will keep everyoe updated!

Updated. Here’s parts of the scarf :slight_smile:

Oh WOW!!! How cool is that!!! A sixteen foot scarf!!!

I love your color choices! Happy Knitting!

Wow!! What an undertaking! Love the colors - it’s going to be gorgeous!

Tom Baker was the very best Dr. Who, IMHO.

Our son called him Dr. Whoot for the longest time when he was little.

Your colors do look very similar, have fun with the knitting!

Our family really liked Tom Baker as Dr. Who too. So funny. Your scarf will be great.

Gud lucks n thnks for sharing

Updated pics!
Here it was earlier.
Since this photo I have finished the knitting. I’ve started going up the sides finishing it. Then I’ll block and add tassels

Excellent ! I like it very much

Unblocked and without fringe my scarf is 18 feet long and 10 inches wide and it took 1082 yards of yarn


Nice job!!

I’m adding tassels and then it will be photo time!

It’s FINISHED!! Check it out!!

I had to loop it arund my neck twice to get it off the floor

Awesome! Good job.
I starting to like this forum. Now if Tiger Woods can say out of trouble maybe I will get some work done.

Wow! That is impressive!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


What a great scarf !
Tom Baker was my fave Dr Who , maybe just because i grew up watching him .
Well done :slight_smile:

THanks everyone! I’m so proud!! Here I am wearing it today

Thanks for all the photos. They are fun. Be careful wearing that thing, that it doesn’t get caught on something and break your neck. :slight_smile: You should get lots of comments when you wear it.