FO: Dr. Suess Hat - just for fun

When I saw those stocking hats Stonington posted I couldn’t get a red and white striped version out of my head. I bought the cheapest acrylic yarn I could find but to my surprise my GD wants it and my GS wants a green one. I got the cheapest yarn possible because I was sure nobody would want a Dr. Suess Hat. Silly me. This is just OTN and as my only camera is on my cell phone I took it right outside for a photo op. It was too dark out to take another when I realized the top of the pic was chopped. That’s OK because it’s just silly, just for fun.

ETA: How cheap was it? 1 1/2 balls of red and 1 of white in Lion Brand Fun Yarn @ $.99 from the local Grocery Outlet. I might win the Grinch Award for Being Cheap!:roflhard:

I think it’s cute! I think they would be popular with kids especially. :thumbsup:

Thanks, Jan, I think it is impossible to predict what teenagers will or will not like. My DD won’t have 2 teens till Sept. next year but my GS (12) could fool us on that one. Some days I think he was born a teenager. :teehee:

:lol: I don’t have grandkids, but I remember my own girls that age. :zombie:

Very very cute…I keep thinking about those stocking caps too…but have some other things I will post soon on the needles…

I look forward to seeing your FOs and/or WIPs. Your Mario hat is delightful. After it and the tutu set I can hardly wait to see what you’ve got next.

I think it is cute! I made one of these for my grandson a couple years ago and had a heck of a time finding a pattern for it. It was either an adult one or for a toddler and nothing inbetween. I stay away from downsizing or upsizing my own patterns. lol

I can usually do it for hats, but something like a sweater…no way. I just go look for something similar in the size I want. :lol:

What a great hat! I’m not surprised that it’s in demand. And wow, what a bargain yarn. You’re good.

That’s a nice hat :cool: When I saw the title I expected a high head, you know - one that doesn’t end in a tip and needs wiring to keep it upright. Not quite how I remember Dr Seuss his hat to be, but this might even be better :wink: Definitely easier to wear.

And great that it is such a bargain. Isn’t it fun that you don’t need to spend that much to get something desirable? :cheering:

Thanks. Yeah, the Cat in the Hat isn’t quite like that, but somehow it seemed like it belongs in a Dr. Seuss book. I’m now working on one in Green Tones for my grandson.

The red and white stripes were kind of like a song that gets stuck in my head and if I can hear the whole thing it sometimes goes away. LOL Now maybe I’m done with red and white striped stocking hats. :wink:

Oh that is sooo cool! I love the concept, and I think it was smart to knit the hats inexpensively! Plus, washable hats for kids is the only way to go! Great work! :thumbsup:

Well, it certainly doesn’t LOOK cheap! It’s adorable!

Thank you so much, everyone! My granddaughter will get here red and white (I’ve been told it’s a Where’s Waldo hat but that doesn’t really fit either) storybook hat today I think. I hope she likes it. It does need to be washed and dried still. If grandson doesn’t like what I’ve started I’ll frog it and make him something else. I can knit a lot or I can buy really nice yarn once or twice a year. I opt for quantity and work with the quality of yarn I can afford. I couldn’t go months w/o a yarn fix! A true junkie will take whatever she/he can get I guess.