FO Double knit block hat.

So far I like it. Alpaca doesn’t seem to make my head itch like Lion Wool was and the double knit fingering is a lot less bulky than double knit worsted.
The frequent color changes has the inside and outside similar sizes.

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That looks great, Mike!! Wonderful job and I’m sure it’s very warm! Did you felt it a bit? Might just be the picture.

I might have a little but I think you’re seeing the yarn in the lighting, it’s fuzzy.
After handwashing it smelled like wet burnt hair so I put it in my washing machine on gentle/handwash and through the dryer alone. I’m sure some of the fuzz matted some with static but the strands of yarn are still there.

Give it a couple of years and it probably will be a mat of felt. :slight_smile:

Here’s a flash picture of the other side.

This hat is so well done on both sides. The pattern is intriguing and the knitting looks wonderful. Enjoy wearing it!

Yep, that will do it. Heat and friction felt. Looks great, but don’t do it again unless you want it to fit someone with a smaller head. :slight_smile:

That’s what great nieces and nephews are for :grinning:

I keep an eye on wool in the dryer. I’ve only ruined an acrylic fur yarn not thinking what static would do. It’s Tunisian crochet so instead of one side mostly one color and the other side mostly the other it’s a blob of the same color.