FO - Doodleknitwit's Baby Surprise Jacket!

Posting for Doodleknitwit…

Awww that is just so cute! I love the colors! :inlove:

yay! i love baby surprise jackets!:yay:

Gorgeous colors!

Cute. Love the colours

AAh!! That is so sweet!
Great job Doodleknitwit!!:yay:

That is so pretty, and I love the buttons!!! So cute!

Oohhh…love the colors!! Such a great job, Doodleknitwit! :waving:

Very, very cute!

That’s so beautiful!

That is so cute! I have this project on my looonngg list of things to do. I just love it!


Completely adorable!

Oh, that’s precious! I love the little square neckline, and the buttons are just perfect. Lovely job!

i appreciate all the lovely comments… it was a bit tedious with the garter stitch :x:

Great work on the BSJ, it’s beautiful and the buttons are cute.

Very pretty and neat cozy sweater.:heart:The colors are soothing and nice.:cheering: