FO: Done and stuffed :D

Lavender Set

Purple Set

Blue Set

YAY for me! :smiley:

Yay for you is right!! Beautiful! What special gifts> :inlove:

I love them!! You did a great job. :thumbsup:

I’m just so happy they’re done.

I’ve teamed them up with some lovely soap from “Lush” (handmade beauty products). Now I just need to give myself enough ‘time out’ from the eye pillow pattern, so I can make one without hating it… LMAO

how creative–those are awesome!

:happydance: Great job :thumbsup:

You are so Ubertalented! :happydance:
I’m anxious to hear how they are received by the recipients.

Oh yeah, I remember you working on these. Looks good. I may have to make some too. :thinking:

Very pretty. Those are really nice :thumbsup: ~~Lisa

Very pretty! What did you stuff them with?

Oooh, loveliness! :inlove:

Beautiful work!

I sewed liners for them, and filled the liners with flax seed (linseeds) and dried lavender.

I of course had to test all the eye pillows to make sure they were the right kind of floppy. :wink:

All wonderful, of course… :smiley:

Oooh, sounds lovely!

I’m surprised you took them off! :wink: I love love love lavender! :inlove: