FO: Doll's Christmas outfit

Finally finished! :woot:

Thanks for all the help along the way :slight_smile: It isn’t perfect that’s for sure, but it’ll do - and of course I learned some things. For instance, since I know I’m not good at visualizing WHAT will happen IF I do such-and-such…then golly, it might be a good idea to actually do a sketch of what I’d like to have happen. I’ve got to stop planning by saying “I’ll figure it out when I get there.” D’ya think? lol

Thanks for looking - posting pics of a FO sure adds to the fun of knitting - I think it prevents a LOT of UFO’s!

Wow! You designed it yourself, even. That’s a great doll outfit and she’s all ready for the holidays. Very impressive.

Great job on it! :yay:

When do the holiday parties begin? She’s ready for the season. Beautiful design and execution; the outfit fits perfectly and looks fabulous!

Very cute! She is all ready for the holidays!

A fun outfit. She is ready for the season in her red, green and white. :thumbsup:

She is so beautiful! Aren’t doll clothes just so much fun?:heart:


Thank you! I have a LOT to learn, even to do the relatively simple things I want to do. After Christmas I’m going to use my knitting time for learning - experimenting and doing up samples. Thanks for your encouraging words!

Looks just about perfect to me! Good job!