FO: Doll dress

I posted at the beginning of May that I’d finished a dress for my very old doll, and that it turned out to be so ugly I couldn’t even take a pic, much less let anybody (especially you knitters!) see it. :roflhard:

I finally finished the 2nd one. It took forever, because I was determined to end up with a decent enough fit that I could use it as a good guide from now on. Consequently, I started over 3 times. :eyes:

Anyway, it’s done - it isn’t perfect and it isn’t exactly what I wanted, but it’ll be a good basic pattern, and at least it looks “ok”. She’s dressed - finally - and out of the wedding dress she’s worn for the last 50 years.

I’m starting a hat to go with it, but we’ll see if it works - or if I get it finished. Last year I started a Christmas dress for her - in September. Barely got the hem done before I had to abandon it in favour of actually getting Christmas ready, lol. Just as well though, I would’ve got the top all wrong then - better chance of it working out now. I might need to start it and leave the summer hat for next year - so decided to post the dress alone.

I didn’t have a pattern, and the yarn is Snuggly Wuggly.

Thanks for looking.

Aww! That came out really cute! Great job on it!

Cute. Now she can get on to the honeymoon. :slight_smile:


Oooh it is really cute. Do you collect vintage dolls??? I have a doll that was bought for me for Christmas one year and it is about 4 ft tall! lol I don’t even know how I ended up with it, but I am big on keeping family memorabilia so I have kept it.

That turned out cute–even if it wasn’t exactly what you wanted!

I guess in her case it was always a bride, never a bridesmaid (or anything else for that matter). Now she can tone it down a bit and get on with living in style!

4 feet tall? Holy cow, I’m glad I don’t have to knit for HER!!:wink: No, I don’t collect. I have only the ones that my mom kept packed away for me for decades, when I’d forgotten all about dolls. I didn’t get them out until 2005. I can’t imagine how I got so lucky - and I think of all the times mom and dad moved - wish I could tell them how much I appreciate it now!

I have the bridal doll, my old teddy bear, 5 Nancy Ann Storybook dolls, and a Barbara Ann Scott doll which were all Christmas/bday presents. Plus, a smaller baby doll which belonged to my mom’s lifelong best friend, who had no children and gave this one to me - it has a bisque head and papier mache body - was from sometime in the 1930’s. She lived in Santa Rosa, btw :slight_smile:

You have the best dressed dolls! This one turned out very well. Another doll saved from the Miss Havisham school of design and she looks delighted. The hat will be a treat, I bet.

Ahhh, this is so lovely! She’s is very stylish now!

Thanks! The hat…well, we shall see. I do have a pattern, but of course it’s not the right size - close, but…but, always BUT, lol. First time I’ve done a hat (in ANY size), and this one will have to be bigger around than the pattern, so I’ll have more stitches, so will I get it to taper so it fits nicely, or …:hmm: Could be I’ll end up wearing the thing myself this winter…