FO:Dog sweater

So I have’t been around for a while, I kinda got sucked into some other crafting things for a while, but the other day I went to Petco for some cat food and they had this huge rack of dog clothes. I was browsing through the sweaters and I couldn’t beleive what they wanted $15 for, something I knew that could probably be hand done for less than $5. Anyway when I got home I looked for a pattern online and I gotta say there weren’t many that I liked that were free, but I found this one at lion brand:

So I went rummaging through my stash and found some striping fun fur and some Caron simply soft. I attempted to guage it out but the guage was right for stitches across but not for rows and I wasn’t sure how to fix that so I just hoped it would work out right. So I set off working on it and about 10-12 hours later, this came off my needles.

does the pup like it… :poke: I can’t tell :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:
great job :waving:

It is so stylish. She/he could walk right in to any Vegas club and get in! :):rofl: It looks great!

Oh, how nice your doggie looks. Although, I don’t think someone likes the flash on your camera very much. :slight_smile:

Check out Drops Design or Garnstudio (, they recently posted some cute doggie sweater designs under the pattern tab within the last 30 days.

very cute – is your pup a min pin? We have one but with a docked tail.

very cute! I first started knitting with hopes of making dog sweaters… and here it is almost 2 years later and I still havent made a dog sweater…

[B][COLOR="Navy"I have an idea !! Make that in FUN FUR called MINK. She’ll have a fur coat then . :slight_smile:


Very cute!

Sigh… my cat’s won’t ‘dress-up!’

Very cute!!:happydance:

Thanks everyone! I think Lowla looks adorable in it. She doesn’t really seem to mind wearing it, I dunno if she really LIKES it though. She is a dachsund/rat terrier mix. So really the pattern is too short for her, I plan to make it again but add length to it, probably add a few stitches to the back to widen it out some more since her chest is a little more broad, but i wanted to make it once as is first so I wouldn’t mess it up too much! I actually really enjoyed making this.

awwwww cute sweater and puppy!!! :inlove:

Well done! Looks like she’s wearing a tutu dress… too cute.

:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard: I was thinking the same thing :wink:

Lowla is beautiful, and she has such a shiny coat. She looks adorable in her lovely new sweater. It does look like a tutu. :slight_smile: