FO dog sweater

I made a sweater for a coworkers chihuahua. It’s being modeled on my chihuahua who is smaller then my coworkers so it’s quite big on her. :teehee: You get the idea though. My coworker says it fits her dog perfectly. This was my first time stranding two colors of yarn.

I love it!! :muah:

Too cute!! :cheering:

the dog shouldn’t remain anonymous! Would like to see his smiling face! Absolutely adorable…beautiful knitting!

Ditto about seeing your little dog’s face. :thumbsup:

The sweater is beautiful! :happydance:

looks like a long haired chihuahua, I’d love to see the face too

omg it makes me almost want to get a dog so i can knit stuff for it! my cats did not take kindly to the hats that I thought were OH so cute on them. great job on the sweater! :cheering:

Thanks everyone! She’s classified as a long haired I think, but I think she’s a mix between long haired and short haired. She has short hair patches on her back.

This is a picture of her when we rescued her 6 months ago. She’s filled out a little more since then so she doesn’t look as skinny now.

Here she is begging for food with her “aunt” at New Years.

Oh how cute!! The dog(s) and the sweater!

Your dogs are just darling!!! I love that sweater!!

That’s a great dog sweater. Love the turtleneck!


how cute is that sweater! I am looking for an easy pattern for my Chi to knit for her. your dog is just so sweet!

Love the sweater, love the dog!