FO: dog sweater happy dance!

My lil’ old guy is comfy and warm now! :woohoo: Thank you to everyone for your encouragement, help, and a place to think out loud about what I’m trying to accomplish!

I haven’t figured out how to resize photos my phone takes yet. Rather than create yet another account with login info I WILL forget :wink:, here’s the link to my ravelry page with my cutie pie’s photo!

Thanks again!

Very cute!

If you have iPhone I use PS Express to crop them small. Not sure that resizes though. If you can take pics and then put them on your computer you can resize there. There’s a link in my sig to photo help and a few links for resizing if you don’t have software.

Very cute and the colors are nice too.

Adorable dog and fantastic sweater! Well done.

Cute sweater and a darling fella who will be comfy.

Thanks Jan!

Just d/led PS Express, unfortunately it won’t allow save to a different size. And for some silly reason I can resize and save to my Mac, but the file upload here fails… tried the sites you recommended in your “how to” for resizing, but got the same no go each time. <sigh> I’ll keep looking, and fiddling, eventually something will work out. :slight_smile:

You can’t resize, but you can crop a lot and then save. I think there is a resize app, too. I need to check that out because photos are large otherwise!

Beautiful sweater! I know you’ve been having some problems with this pattern. Congrats on mastering it! I love the colors. What yarn did you use?

Thank you!! Saddest thing about it was that it wasn’t hard, but the lack of a diagram made it hard for me to figure out what the pattern wanted done. I’m used to checking the diagram when I get confused. :shrug:

I love the colors. What yarn did you use?

Red Heart’s Bikini (multi) and Turquia (aqua). It was stash left over from some baby blankets I machine knitted last year. I wanted something durable, and I don’t know of many things that will outlast Red Heart. :wink:

Your little French Poodle looks beautiful in her (his?) new coat! Such a nice colors for a grey pooch! I’m really impressed! Great job!

Very cute !