FO: Dog Fisherman Sweater! :oD

I just finished the dog’s Fisherman Sweater from the book Stylish Knits for Dogs. I seem to be the first one on Ravelry with this! (Ravelry page link) It’s adorable if I do say so myself!!! Of course the man…er dog…makes the sweater :teehee:

I made it in the non-traditional gray because Peanut himself is the traditional off-white, so you wouldn’t really notice it on him!

I did 2 things differently from the pattern, I made the sleeves 1 1/2" shorter and I added one more button.

That is so cute!

Very cute. He looks good in the grey.

Great sweater, Lu!!! Your guy looks so handsome in it & seems to be quite proud of his mom! :muah:

Peanut looks very handsome in his new sweater, great job! :slight_smile:

:inlove: very cute!!

That’s really awesome. I’m also impressed he models it soo well. One of my dogs would never sit still for such things and while the other will let me get things on her, she has them off and is chewing on it before you can get the camera…

Oh how cute! Your doggie looks adorable!!

Beautiful sweaters and cute dogs. Are they Shih Tzus, Lhahsos or some of each?

Thanks! Peanut’s a Shih Tzu / Bichon rescue, the others are Shih Tzus or Shih Tzu Mixes and rescues. Getting them to look good in a picture is pure bliss, there are a lot of pictures that get deleted before I get a good one.:teehee:

BTW, your cutie in the avatar is adorable too!

Very handsome sweater. Many of the traditional everyday fishermans’ sweaters were navy blue I think. The gray looks dashing on Peanut.

ADORABLE! :cheering: ADORABLE! :cheering: The dogs are, too!!! :cheering:

GREAT job, LOVE your puppers!!!

he’s just soooo cute, the sweater looks georgous on him.

the colours right, he looks great in the grey :yay:

The dog(s) and the sweater are darling. He poses so well, knows he is a top fashion model and shows it. :cool: I must make one for my little cutie pie too. Thanks for sharing. :yay:

I love it! I LOVE Peanut!!!

:muah:Thanks! You can get your own Peanut at :wink: Can you believe he had to be rescued because someone gave up this adorable and loveable dog (he’s a snuggler) because they had a baby?!? :nails: They missed out on a great family dog!