FO: Dishrag tote bag :)

Using Caron One Pound acrylic yarn in cream and soft sage I started with the Checker-Square Garter Dishcloth pattern. After that I made it up as I went along. I used at least 3 different needle sizes to match row gauge on the different panels. There are no purls in this project and that was challenging. It’s all knits and slipped stitches. Thanks for looking.

nice job :slight_smile: i like the dishcloth pattern just for actual dishcloths too.

XtopherCB, Thank you! I felt I’d been presented with a challenge when you mentioned purls giving you grief. I wanted to see what I could do and when I made up the dishcloth pattern I decided this project was the one to try not purling. I almost caved more than once, not purling is great but very limiting. Thanks for giving me something to fret and fuss over and finally like very much. There was a moment when I looked at my work and thought, “I like that!” I feel like you gave me that as a gift.

That’s really nice!! Love the pattern, too! :yay:

GG – i think this had much more to do with your creativity and ability than my learning and whining, but i’ll take the thanks just the same :wink:

there’s a study in psychology, of limitations and how/why constraints make people more creative. whether it’s time, space, words, colors, budget, etc… instead of freedom always brings out our creative side, sometimes, limitations are what inspire the best ideas. then again maybe that’s just my way of trying to get out of practicing!

ok, back to it… determined to get this blanket done before yet another of my cousins has yet another baby. – X

Wonderful combination of stitches, GG and beautiful colors. Very nicely odne!

[COLOR=“Purple”][B]BEAUTIFUL[/B] tote and great job at creating your own pattern!!![/COLOR]

Thanks, smeldsgang. Don’t go too overboard on the creating my own pattern thing. It was just a matter of making the pieces fit together. I really like the dishcloth patterns but there is a limit to how many I need or want to make so I had to figure out something else. Necessity is the mother of invention. My granddaughter thinks it’s cool and wants me to make her one. I said I will but I don’t know what it will look like. I’m looking at skull patterns for her. I might make a “quilt” from dishcloth patterns. The seaming is off putting but I might use the 3 needle BO I used on the bag to join the pieces.

If anybody knows of a skull chart or pattern that would work for or easily adapt to slip stitch knitting, please let me know.

What a great idea!
Just love your bag… using the hand made dishcloths is a great idea and they look lovely!

TEMA, the only real difficulty with a dishcloth pattern like this for me is counting. By now I should be able to count consistently and correctly. :roflhard:

I like that GG. Great colour combination.

GG -

cracking myself up, and thought of you, watching … especially with “row 1, we’re going to knit all stitches. row 2, we’re going to knit all stitches, row 3…” etc etc. pattern finally starts on row 5, and even then just knits and slips… :wink: found it while researching the arrowhead lace pattern, purls and all, but this indian cross stitch pattern will also make a nice lacy cowl for my cousin, using a small boucle in varigated colors (another project, another day).

  • X :wink:

He sounds like he sounds like he sounds like screech a broken record. LOL you’re too young to remember scratched records. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link and for reminding me that he has a stitchonary. That pattern will make a lovely cowl but I think you’ll want to work it flat and join the ends. I have to try it soon, maybe I’ll work two pieces to make a new shopping bag. I have tons of cheap yarn that I might as well use up for things that I don’t want to use good yarn for. Right now I have another pair of sox otn. Because my grandson grew man-size feet before I finished the first pair I made I frogged and and now am redoing them cuff-down. His feet will not be too long for them because I won’t finish the toe until he’s tried them on and then I’ll be able to take the toe out and make them longer when he outgrows them. I’ve only ever done toe-ups before. I also learned the German Twisted Cast On. Once I figured out how the yarn goes through the thumb loop it was easy, then I found out I was working too tight. Oy.

It was hot here yesterday, over 90 deg., and the heat just drains me. Luckily I had my knitting to work on and they installed new appliances (dishwasher, stove, front loading washer) today so I had to stay out of their way and couldn’t do much else. By tomorrow I should be just about functional again.

If you ever need to unkink wool yarn use a steamer if you have one. Mine worked great, much better than a steam iron. I think I’ll try it on acrylic just for grins and giggles to see if it kills the stuff.

It looks superb! Did you write your pattern down? If so, willing to share???:wink: I really love it and it looks nice and sturdy too.

Pattern? What’s a pattern? If you really want to try to make it I could give you some general instructions but no, I didn’t write it down. I didn’t expect to ever try to duplicate it.

The slip stitch pattern I used for the sides: cast on 21 and knit a row. Row 1: k2, *sl1, k7 twice, sl1 , k2. Row 2: K6, sl 1, k7, sl 1, k6. I used the same pattern for the strap but decreased on row 2 until I had 13 sts. Strap worked in 2 pieces and joined at the top with a 3 needle bind off. I used pick up and knit and 3 needle bind off for joining the pieces. The back and bottom are plain garter stitch.

I am very happy to tell you how I did it but trust me, you don’t really want to try to follow a pattern that I write out. They never work.

ETA: If you really want a pattern for it, I will try to help you write it out and then you can share it with everyone on Ravelry.

[B][COLOR=“Purple”]Sounds like that could be an interesting project! Have Fun!!! What is with girls nowadays and the skulls?[/COLOR][/B]


The tote looks lovely - well done! It’s a nice feeling when someone sees your work and asks you to make one for them.


I love it! I need a bag of about that size , with a longer strap, that I can put over my body when I ride my bike around locally! I reckon you could sell those! I’d be interested if the pattern ever becomes available too! :knitting:

Thank you. You’re far too kind. :aww: A pattern is a problem. It’s my signature make-it-up-as-I-go-along way of doing things. If you really want a similar bag of your own creation, find a pattern for the front panel and start one. You could work it all in one piece if you’re good enough at planning to figure out how many of which stitches to put where, it could be done in the round or worked flat and seamed, you could do the bottom first and work in the round from there, I’m sure there are many more possibilities. I can give you couple of hints based on my experience. Patterns with slipped stitches such as mosaic knitting, make a firmer fabric that works well for a bag. Tighter stitches in a slip stitch pattern make for a good strap that doesn’t stre-e-e-e-t-ch too much. Be aware that different stitch patterns will have different row gauges and either work fewer/more rows or change down/up needle size to accommodate the difference. If you’re a Fair Isle knitter you could use a FI pattern for something really stunning.

I suppose someone could make bags using this basic idea for sale. By the time I could finish one I would have so much time invested in it that I’d have to have a really exorbitant price to persuade me to sell it so I think that for me they’ll remain a labor of l:heart:ve.

I’m using some self-patterning sock yarn right now that I think I’d like to make a bag from, I’m just not sure how the repeats would work out on that scale as it’s intended for socks and many fewer stitches. Fingering yarn would be a lot of stitches for making a bag but I might do it anyhow.

If you or anybody else would like to write up a pattern for making a bag based on mine, please do so but don’t charge for it. You’ll have my blessing.