FO dishcloths for Mom

This is actually my first FO besides the practice scarf I used to learn to knit! :woohoo:

Of course I wanted to make something for my Mom! :muah: She is actually pretty hard to gift, but I think she will like these 2 little dish/ face cloths. I ordered some soaps to go with them from Lather (they have a storefront nearby in Pasadena but they are relocating down the street and are closed). Anyway, they make really nice “handmade” type soaps that smell soooo good. I picked lemongrass, passion flower, rose/lavender/tangerine, and rosemary peppermint based on memory. I am going to send 2 of them along with the cloths and keep 2 for the next little gift basket I make, maybe for my grandma…

So the cloths are made with Sugar & Cream. The blue one is in garter stitch and the cream/ multi one is in seed stitch. I far prefer the seed stitch. I couldn’t get the outer stitching to look any more professional than that. I guess it is a “personal touch” then… :teehee:

I was a little disappointed that when I washed them (in cold) the pink from the variegated yarn bled a lot. Mostly on one side of the cloth. :?? Oh well. Another personal touch. :rofl:

Really nice gift! And don’t worry, every knitter had his/hers “personal touches”.

Congratulations! Isn’t it satisfying to create something and then give it away? Don’t forget to keep some of the dishcloths you make though, I gave away almost all of the dishcloths I made and I’ve just started making some for me! They do make great gifts though, especially with with a gorgeous bar of soap like you’ve done!
My first dishcloth was out of the same variegated yarn and I found it bled a lot too, but don’t worry, it’s over a year old and it still looks good!
Now that you’ve conquered those two dishcloths, you should try some of the harder ones, look on knitting patterns central There are lots suitable for a beginner and they really help you learn new stitches without worrying about messing something up!

Great gift!!:cheering:Affectionate gift!!:heart:Awesome!!:slight_smile:

I’m sure your mom will love it! That’s very sweet! I like the overcast stitch around the edge, too.

I like your color combination and the stitching around the edges. Great job!

Lovely gift. I’m sure your mom will be thrilled.

They look great! How did you get that edge? What kind of yarn did you use? The soap touch is nice!

I used Sugar & Cream, which is 100% cotton yarn. The edge is just whipstitch around the square.

If you are a beginner, you might like the book the patterns are from… Teach Yourself Visually Knitting. It is full of great info for new knitters.

Those are so pretty!
If I was your mom, I’d LOVE them.