FO: dishcloth!

Hello friends!!!

I was going to tell you a funny story but I already posted it on my blog. Will you excuse me if I just post a link and not retype the shorter version? I really can’t show you the picture as it will spoil the intrigue.

It has cute yarn store pictures, it’s about charity, and speed knitting competition:)

(For new people here – I am just posting knitting updates for my friends here, not hijacking the traffic. If I didn’t have a blog that they in a big way enabled, I would do the same thing here – post a bunch of photos and some comments.)

In other news, I am going back to school in a week. After being a stay-at-home mom for about 5 years I decided that I have had enough and now I am going to be… an Early Childhood Educator :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link and story, Olha. You have so much experience, you [I]are[/I] an early childhood educator already! All the best in your new adventure.

Completely delightful story and great photos. :yay:

I wish you the very best in your education goals. If you’ve five of your own, I’m thinking you could probably teach the classes!

Olha - I wish you the best in your next career!

Enjoy reading your blog. The purple hat movement is spreading. We had a request for same in our local paper about two weeks ago (Maine’s Lewiston Sun-Journal).


Great story! Thanks for sharing. I like the part where someone calls the store owner to distract her. Very devious! My kind of person to a T!

Good luck in your educational endeavors! I’m certain you’ll do well in anything you decide to pursue.

Watch out, kiddos, here comes Olha!

{Cue [I]Jaws[/I] music}