FO: dishcloth shawl

WOOHOO…finished my cotton shawl. Noob was right not as big as one would like but next time it’ll be 200 stiches at cast off not 150!!!

Very nice work they do sound like a lot of stitches until you bind off. Mine was the same a little short. I like the color you picked for the shawl.


Very pretty colorway, and you did such a nice job!

Very pretty…what cotton did you use?

Colorway could be a prob:aww: I don’t know where the label is!!! I know B got it for me at Wal-Mart so it’s Peaches and Cream…I lied i found the label!!! I thinks its Daisy Ombre # 165 :slight_smile: I’m wondering w/ wam-mart getting rid of all their yarn where to get more (not that I don’t have tons already)

Hmmmmmmmmm…I thought it looked softer than P&C. Maybe I’ll give it another look:knitting:

Very pretty and nice job on your knitting!

It was knitting on size 13 needles!!! It hasn’t been washed yet but it’s REALLY soft and partly becasue of the size of the needles :wink:

Pretty! :smiley: