FO: dishcloth...but with self-striping yarn!

OH EM GEE I love self-striping yarn!!

Pretty! Now you have your 4th of July dishcloth! :wink:

Nicely done. I do admire even, regular garter st. Good job!

Where did you get that yarn?? The dishcloth is very pretty can you give me the pattern?

And Lily

Oh very nice! I love garter stitch dish cloths, but you’ve taken it to a whole level of NICE! Great job!!!

Your colors are nice!!

I love that. It’s wonderful how self-striping allows you to do mindless knitting while making it a pretty F.O.

Nice lookin’ FO there, No0b. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it for years to come!

Looks lovely, Noob! Amazing how the colours don’t run into each other very much.


I love self-striping yarns for dishcloths. You did a lovely job with yours!

LOL, I love that stuff too :slight_smile: your dishcloth looks great!