FO: Diamonique

I finished up this vest/tank from here. I used the recommended yarn–Paton’s Brilliant–in blue shimmer. The yarn’s not my favorite, but I like the finished product!

:cheering: :cheering: I love :heart: it so much!! Looks great on you :smiley:

That is stunning - great job!

:inlove: Beautiful and a perfect fit, too!!

Mer, it’s lovely. If I looked as good in a sweater as you do, I might be tempted to try and knit one. :mrgreen:

That looks awesome!

Thanks guys! :blush:

Ahhhh, I like it, just in time for summer too…

Great job!
Rhy :thumbsup:

Great job!! Really stunnig and fits you perfectly.

What didn’t you like about the yarn? (Just curious)

That’s so pretty! Great job! :smiley:

Wow is that gorgeous!!! :cheering:

So preeeeeeeeeeeeetty!

Also, you look kinda like Juliette Binoche.

A great summer tank! It looks wonderful!

Super cute! I think I need one of those for summer!

how beautiful! :slight_smile: Great work!


WOW! It’s gorgeous, and so are you. What a cute pattern.

Thanks for all of the compliments!

The yarn is a bit scratchy (it has a metallic thread running through it) and also unravels quite a bit–I had to tie knots on the inside after weaving in the ends so that it didn’t come apart! It’s really not that bad though, I think it works well with this top.

Such beautiful work and such a flattering top. I think its perfect for you!