FO--Diamond Fantasy Scarf

So, I finished Diamond Fantasy. I used variegated lace from Morehouse Farm–whose yarn I love to knit and wear, BTW. I kept reading blogs about how great this pattern is to knit, how it practically knits itself, how knitters would gladly knit it again. About 3/4 way through, I wanted to wad it up in a ball and throw it in the trash just to get it out of my life. :wall: The unknitting and unknitting of it all! :wall: Finally, finally, I got to learn how to do the I-cord edge and it came of the needles. Well, I LOVE it. And, sad to say, I am thinking about knitting it again in another hank of beautiful yarn I got for my birthday from Morehouse Farm. :gah: :hair: :thud: :waah: :stuck_out_tongue:

WOW!!! :inlove:

Absolutely gorgeous! :thud: :notworthy:

Tres elegant! I broke out laughing reading your posting! Colors are beautiful.

Stunning!!! :notworthy:

That is incredibly beautiful! :heart:

Beautiful - like a rainbow

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


that is gorgeous! Great job!

So many beautiful projects up today. Your shawl is drop dead gorgeous. I still haven’t tackled lace.

You must also really like the result if you’re going to knit this same pattern again after all your trouble. Well, the troubles were worth it cuz it looks great.

Gerogous…the colors are great!


AAAAAhhhhh wasn’t it worth all the pain! How lovely :drool:

Trying to find a word that has not been used yet. Here’s one…AWESOME!!

Where can I find the pattern?

:muah: Thank you for the lovely comments.

The patttern:

Can anyone tell me how to hyperlink on this forum?

I can only say…

WOW! That is IMPRESSIVE and UTTERLY BEAUTIFUL!!! :notworthy: :yay:

gollee that’s perty. I’m not brave enough to do lace work yet, I like stuff that goes fast I’d get discouraged with lace. Way to go, you’re my hero-all y’all that do lace…someday.