FO - Diamond Drop Lace dishcloth

This dishcloth was from the mid-April monthly KAL group. I didn’t join until May, though, so I didn’t do this one. It looked like a challenging one, because my daughter Emily was having trouble with it. I did, too, but between frogging and reknitting a lot of rows, and having persistence, I did finally finish it, yesterday!

:woot: I think I might have lost a few strands of hair, along the way, though! LOL!

That dishcloth looks really nice!! Those stitches look so nice and even. Fantastic job! :cheering:

I love it!!
worth the time and effort

GORGEOUS! SIMPLY GORGEOUS! Make ya not want to use it!?? :teehee:

Really nice work and pattern. Maybe you could use that stitch for something that gets a little more public viewing than a dishcloth. :slight_smile:

That’s beautiful! It would make a lovely gift!

That stitch pattern is beautiful. And your execution looks flawless. Great job!

Too pretty to use, just frame it!

I agree. It IS gorgeous. Also must say that it is so pretty I would NOT want to get it dirty washing dishes. It is too pretty to use for such a lowly task. It wants to do/be something grander!

Again, BEAUTIFUL dishcloth. Your hard work shows in this lovely little piece of art.

That is so pretty!!Beautiful pattern:heart:

What a gorgeous pattern! That would make a beautiful throw as well!!!