FO: Diamante socks

These are socks I finished today for a KAL.

They’ve been given to the gal who’s wearing them.

They look fantastic! Great pattern and I love the color you picked.

Did you have a look at the how to post a photo thread here?

Beautiful Socks!:heart:

Not sure how you are trying to post a photo, but check the link already posted or the link in my sig.

Pretty socks!

They are sooo pretty. I love the color.


Those are very pretty, love the colorway.

I noticed on your blog that you are going to Chain Link, are you more into crochet or knitting?

:inlove: very pretty socks!

Those are very pretty!

Actually I do both, but the reason I’m going is that I’m a member of the CGOA. Hopefully I’ll be able to take a couple of knitting classes in addition to crochet.

Beautiful socks! I love the color. Where did you find the pattern? And what is the yarn, please? Just gorgeous.

The pattern is in the archives at (called Diamante), and the yarn was Opal Uni in a aqua or turquoise color. It was a gift and the socks were part of a KAL that’s going on (SocknittersSAM group on Yahoo).

I really like that pattern and the blue is great.

Love that bright bold color! They turned out great!