FO - Diagonal Scarf

OK, this is my first time posting anything that I’ve knit. But I’m really excited about how this turned out - it is better than I thought it could have been. I used the following pattern: and I knit with Nashua Wooly Stripes in Blackened Jade. Although my LYS recommended a Noro self-striping yarn, I didn’t like the way that yarn felt to the touch. I really liked the way this knit. So I have another scarf to finish for my mother that is using a blend of winter whites and blues, and I’ll post that when it is done.


What a neat scarf! The colors are gorgeous!!! :inlove:

Ohhhh, pretty yarn! Looks good.

That’s a great yarn for that pattern! It’s beautiful!

Thank you for the positive feedback ladies! :woot:

:happydance: I love it…the colorway is so pretty!


That is just beautiful! I love the colorway.


Wow! Way cool!!! Love it! I’ll have to try that pattern too!

That is so cool and unusual! Way to go!


Your scarf turned out really beautiful! Great color distribution! WOW! This is a real eye-catcher!

ooooh, that is beautiful!! I love the design and the colors both :heart:

Lovely pattern and color combination!:thumbsup:

That is beautiful! I can’t wait to knit it up! Thank you for the link

Very interesting scarf. Your colors are beautiful. Nice job on it altogether.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Fabulous… love the colours and they way it all came together… Gorgeous!:inlove:

Oh, it’s beautiful! I love the colors. I’ve been meaning to make that scarf, and after seeing yours I’m determined to do it.