FO Diagonal Lace Scarf

I used Elsebeth Lavold Silky Cashmere for this scarf…it is an easy lace pattern to do and turns out just dreamy with a silk/cashmere blend.

I’m sorry I can’t see the picture. But it’s probably beautiful.

That is absolutely beautiful. What a great job. :thumbsup:

Really pretty, good job!

Very pretty.

It’s lovely! I can almost feel the softness of that yarn coming through my monitor. :slight_smile:

You did a great job.

Lovely scarf! I’m sure it’s very, very soft cloud9

Drrrreeeeamy is right! Wow! What a gorgeous scarf!!!

It IS beautiful!!! Love that pattern and it looks so soft! Beautiful color!

:happydance: It looks great!!

Oh wow! What a GREAT scarf! It looks like it would be really dressy!!

Was the pattern free?

Soo pretty!!


Yes, the pattern is free - here’s a link in Ravelry to it: