FO - DH's Valentine Socks

OK, so where’s the drum roll? My DH’s Valentine Socks are finished. The grafting went MUCH better on the second sock than they did on the first sock. These things even LOOK like socks! WOW, I did it!!!

Sorry ladies and gents, my model is at work. These things sure as heck are not gonna fit me, so I laid them flat on the table to take a picture of them. First I stuffed them with water bottles, but that looked weird because the legs sat nicely but the feet were flat. Anyways, these pics will have to do!

Now for the pictures…

Wow - you really did a wonderful job. I’m sure DH will love them!

Congrats on your first pair of socks…you can now officially knit anything!

Great job…they look wonderful! :muah:

Oh I like those! Very nice work!:thumbsup:

Great job! The socks are beautiful, or I guess I should say handsome. I’m so impressed with how well the stripes line up - looks like a perfect match to me.

They look great.

Those are fantastic!!! Great job!

They look great Christine! Now you’ll have to start another pair!

You did a wonderful job my friend, They look beautiful and i am sure your DH will love them:)

those look awesome!

Very nice job! I’m sure he will love them!

Terrific valentine present!

those look great! hooray!

Great job, I’m sure your DH will cherish them!

Those are great! What a great Valentines Day present!

They certainly do look like socks to me. Great job!

They look great! Congrats!

They look great!! He’s gonna love them! :smiley: